“They asked a lot of questions,” Alex replied, “and basically told me what they told Amy, that we’re under attack. No specifics about what to expect, probably because they didn’t know.”

David asked Alex, “Did you notice anything odd after you called me, when you got to work?”

Amy looked sharply at Alex. She had assumed that he called later than that.

“They knew something was up. There were reports of random power outages, malfunctioning traffic lights, and dropped 911 calls. But when I told them about the drone attack and what we were told, they were oddly dismissive.”

Amy turned to Barb. “You said 911 wasn’t working when they called in the fire.”

Barb nodded. “It wasn’t, but someone must have gotten through.”

Alex looked pensive. “Mark and I were specifically told to follow up on a tip about an emergency in that area. We assumed it came through 911.”



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