Derek began tapping furiously on one of the laptops and said, “I’m surprised we didn’t see any of those power outage reports.”

“How would you find out about them?” Barb asked him.

“They’re posted on the Web,” he said. “I archived outage info along with a bunch of other stuff before the comms went down. Oh, there it is.”He tapped a few more keys and a map appeared on the wall screen, with no outages appearing. Eight more versions followed, in ten minute increments, with no change.

“How did they find out about the outages?” David asked Alex.

“They would have gotten calls from people who were worried about the impact on the security of their houses and businesses,” Alex said, staring at the map.

Amy turned to Derek. “It’s more of the same. ‘Look what I can do.’”

He rolled his eyes. “That sounds like some people I know.”



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