“I’m a little confused,” Barb announced. “Aren’t there a lot of people with satellite TV, radio, and internet? Why can’t they just share the news until somebody fixes everything? Isn’t that what you guys are using?”

David smiled at her. “Those are commercial. Companies are providing them, and we think those companies and their equipment have been hacked to cut off specific customers.”

“What we’re using here isn’t sold anywhere,” Derek added.

“Yet,” David said, still smiling.

Amy was following along, and had one question for Alex. “How did you know to come here?”

“It was an educated guess,” Alex said.

Barb picked up on what she was implying. “That’s a pretty good guess! You said ‘commercial’ before we knew what it meant. You just happened to be called to the fire at the restaurant, and you were conveniently left behind by your partner so you could come here with us. That’s a lot of luck.”

“Hang on!” Derek said. “That’s borderline conspiracy talk.”

“And that’s coming from someone who’s prone to suspect conspiracies,” David said earnestly.

“Yeah, that’s my thing,” Derek added. “Look, everything that happens is connected to a chain of events that made it a hundred percent likely.”

Barb looked at him as though he was crazy. “So?”

“They’re not the only events, and not the only chains, that could have been connected to it. They just happened to be the ones that were.”

She looked even more convinced he was crazy. “That sounds like a whole lot of B.S. to me.”



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