Amy expected her brother to challenge her, or for Barb to accuse Alex of arranging it all, or for David or Alex to offer some more logical explanation. But instead, the lights went out.

“How did you do that?” Barb asked Alex. Before he could answer, the lights turned on.

“Backup generator,” David explained. “Any surges?” he asked Derek.

Derek shook his head, tapping the laptop in front of him. “Everything here’s still up, but we lost our link.” An error message appeared on the other laptop, while the screen behind them glowed light blue.

“I’d say that proves we’re not very special,” David said to Amy.

Derek added, “And besides, no technology exists that can control you and everything else like that.”
“There’s only one explanation left, then,” Amy said. “It must be God.”

“What do you think, Alex?” Barb asked, still focused on him.

He had leaned back in the chair, appearing as if he was just taking in everything that was happening. “I wouldn’t rule out anything at this point.”

“Spoken like a detective,” Derek said. Amy couldn’t tell if it was out of respect or derision.

“I still think you know more than you’re saying,” Barb insisted.

Alex sat up and stared at her icily. “That will always be the case.”

Amy watched him, impressed and a little excited as Barb meekly said, “Okay.” He turned to David and asked, “What else can you do?”

“We can crank up Big Boy.”



© 2018 Bradley Jarvis