“Do you think there’s enough power?” Derek asked David.

“Enough for a basic sweep before it gets dark.” David walked to the standalone console and pressed a switch hidden from Amy’s view, causing the color of the wall screen to turn white.

Amy and the others got up and stood facing the screen. “Say hello to Big Boy,” Derek announced, standing beside Barb to the right of the console. On its left side, Amy watched transfixed as the screen displayed an array of antennas at the top of a mountain, and felt a tingle as Alex reached around her back and rested his hand on her waist.

“What does it do?” Barb asked.

David said, “It automatically controls and gets data from a network of specially designed drones nesting near strategic sites around the city. Typically we need to get special permission to use them, but that’s not possible now.”

“How did you…” Barb began.

“We tend to bring a lot of work home,” Derek interjected.

“Where is it you work, again?” Barb asked him.

“A little company you may have heard of: ServoBiome.”



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