Amy’s memory flashed forward to her experience at the store, and suddenly she knew what was going to happen next. “They’re going to put out the fire!” she exclaimed.

“What?” David asked.

“I’ll bet another helicopter is on its way,” she added, “once they make sure the enemy drone isn’t around.”

“I think you’re right.” Alex locked eyes with Amy, and a flash of a smile told her that he already had a plan.

“Why…” Derek began.

Alex interrupted, “If they’re expecting friendly company, then they can communicate and so can we.” He turned to David. “Tell me you’ve got more than transponders and command and control.”

“Sorry,” David said, “Any modification to their communications would take hours in a lab and direct access to the drones.”

“How far are you on your sweep?” Alex asked.

“Pretty much done.”

“So you can spare all the drones?”

“Spare them? For what?”

The smile returned. “Some good old-fashioned visual communication.”



© 2018 Bradley Jarvis