While Alex conferred with David and Derek, Amy watched with relief as cars were finally moving out of the way of the now advancing fire trucks. There would normally be plenty of space, but it seemed most of the city’s population had converged on the downtown area when the communications stopped. She hoped that at least the people Alex warned at the coffee shop were somewhere else.

“Hey,” Barb said, joining her.

“Hey,” Amy said back, noting that the helicopter was now gone from view.

“Looks like your boyfriend’s plan worked.”

That got Alex’s attention. He stared at the screen, a surprised look on his face. “We didn’t do anything.”

“Nothing?” Amy asked, assuming he was being modest. “How do you explain that?”

He walked up to the window showing the buildings. The smoke was already starting to dissipate, even though the fire department was just arriving.

“No, not that.” She pointed at the map. “That.”

The dots representing the drones had formed a perfect circle with a giant “B” inside.

“That’s not what I had in mind,” he said hoarsely.



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