BIOME: The Novel (series)

By Bradley Jarvis

A tragic crash exposes an enigmatic project that was designed to save the world but may destroy it...


Part 1

BIOME Part 1: Decisions

David Nichols had it all: a great job, a girlfriend who loved him, friends who liked and respected him. He was ready to throw it all away. Then he changed his mind. But fate intervened... or did it?

Part 2

BIOME Part 2: Control

Earl Oldfield was a war hero, scientist, and successful businessman, but his life's work was also his deepest secret... and either the solution to the world's survival, or the world's greatest threat.

Part 3

BIOME Part 3: Help

Derek Pacer emerges from hiding to seek help in his mission to stop a dangerous test that could have global consequences.

Part 4

BIOME Part 4: Deception

Miranda Yoh had been doing the work of three people since her boss died. Now life was about to get very complicated.

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