Suddenly, the television flashed a live image of a huge fire. Such fires were far too commonplace these days, threatening multiple cities wordwide as high temperatures and drought became normal. Terry was about to look away when a large red scroll got her attention:


"We're important to each other," Maureen said softly. "That's what counts."

Play Day

Pete... immediately recognized it as one of two things: a nuclear blast or a meteor exploding. Either way, he knew what to expect.


Then I remembered the way we held hands, every chance we could, right up until you left. You came through the bubble as if it wasn't there, and held me like you used to.

Final Solace

You were kind and forgiving,

My favorite cat

You shared love and joy

Wherever you sat.


Survival and morality demand that... we ... work together, for each other, more than we work for ourselves.


They had walked several minutes when there was a bright flash, reflecting off the canopy above them as though someone had taken a picture.

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