BIOME: The Novel (series)

By Bradley Jarvis

A tragic crash exposes an enigmatic project designed to save the world but which may destroy it.


BIOME is the prequel to Lights Out, which will be followed by the third part of the trilogy, Visitors.

Sections are sold as a series of e-books while the novel is in development. When complete, a print book will be made available.

Each section, detailed below, is a set of chapters that stands alone as its own book, like an episode in a television series.

Part 1

BIOME Part 1: Decisions

David Nichols had it all: a great job, a girlfriend who loved him, friends who liked and respected him. He was ready to throw it all away. Then he changed his mind. But fate intervened... or did it?

Part 2

BIOME Part 2: Control

Earl Oldfield was a war hero, scientist, and successful businessman, but his life's work was also his deepest secret... and either the solution to the world's survival, or the world's greatest threat.

Part 3

BIOME Part 3: Help

Derek Pacer emerges from hiding to seek help in his mission to stop a dangerous test that could have global consequences.

Part 4

BIOME Part 4: Deception

Miranda Yoh had been doing the work of three people since her boss died. Now life was about to get very complicated.

BIOME Part 5

BIOME Part 5: War

A drone attack provides detectives Alex Rideout and Cathy Ambrose an unexpected set of leads in their investigation of the death of David Nichols.

BIOME Part 6: Connections

While investigating his cousin’s death and past drone attacks, Detective Alex Rideout uncovers a conspiracy and a scary connection between them and his wife Amy.


BIOME Part 7: Futuria

Lani Ioneki anxiously awaits a meeting that might explain almost supernatural experiences following a traumatic event whose secret she must keep from everyone - including her best friend, who might have also been affected.


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