“Am I right that one of your drones is at the power station?” Alex asked David, gazing at the map on the screen.

“Yes,” he said a few seconds later. “There’s one taking photos as we speak. Why? What are you thinking?”

“Just how someone might set a fire remotely. Natural gas, a power overload, something like that.”

“Let me pull up the feed,” David said. Another window opened on the screen and the others changed size to make room for it.

Amy’s attention was focused on the view near the fire. The helicopter had arrived and appeared to be circling the area, oblivious to the presence of David’s drone. Recalling what happened at the campground, she imagined that the helicopter was on the lookout for the enemy drone that shot the other one out of the sky. Of all the places that must be in trouble, she wondered, why was it there?

Barb interrupted her thoughts. “Isn’t the power out all over the city?”

“We don’t know if that’s true,” Derek said.

“You’ll be able to tell when it gets dark, if people’s lights don’t go on. That’s like in an hour.”

“She’s got a point,” David said.

“The drones will have to be back in their nests by then,” Derek countered. “They need solar power to keep going, and daylight to take the photos we want.”

“Geeks!” Barb spat, prompting Amy to giggle. “Just go outside and look around!”



© 2018 Bradley Jarvis